They Care, They Really Care

Orange dudling doodle card with the inscription "Be happy" in hand

Do you remember the last time someone took the care to send you something in the mail? Not one of those postcards that seem to be getting bigger and bigger in order to get your attention (think back to this past election year)- but the mail that someone sent to ask how you are, or wish you a Happy Birthday, the piece of mail that had your address written by a real person with a real pen? Our guess is that it made you feel pretty good.

Let’s take it one step further, when was the last time you opened what clearly seemed like a piece of direct mail? It happened here in our offices just last week. First came the announcement “Look we got an actual marketing piece in the mail!” After several jokes about “Who sends mail anymore?” it was pointed out that the lone piece of mail had actually been opened and reviewed, not to mention we were talking about it.

So why did we open it? Why were we studying it as though it was a bone from a long lost extinct dinosaur? One reason is that we were the perfect audience for the service they were selling. Secondly, it was well designed and in a format that caught our attention. It had an envelope, it was a large square, it had heft and was well produced. Inside there were different pieces that fit together to tell a story. It was special, just like that birthday card you remember getting.

In a heavily digital world it is becoming increasingly important to reach out to your audience in different ways. Print is most certainly not dead (even though you’ve heard it said again and again) but it does need to¬†follow the rules: be on target, relevant to the audience and delivered with impactful design and content. What print can do that digital can’t, is provide a more intimate experience, a more personal outreach and best of all your audience gets to touch it, so make it special.