‘Tis the Season…Not that Season


It’s that time of the year when many wealth and investment managers communicate their thoughts regarding the year ahead. In post-election years, even more than other years perhaps, clients are eager to obtain some expert perspective on what lies ahead and the potential impact on their assets. So what can organizations do to provide information that clients find both interesting and helpful to them personally?

Be clear and concise – Consumers have a ton of information coming their way right now. If you want to stand out and be read, communicate quickly and effectively. Use graphics, headlines, sub-heads and call-outs to make and highlight your key points. If you can’t capture their attention within the first few minutes, you’ll lose your audience.

Speak with conviction – Part of what clients pay fees for is your firm’s acumen in interpreting what is going on in the world in terms of their portfolios and your ability to incisively and decisively express your opinions and conclusions. If you think that a volatile market environment lies ahead that could impact portfolio values, say so- your perspective provides clients a rationale for your actions and builds confidence and trust in your process. Which leads to the final element of communicating with clients:

Connect it to the client – A treatise on stock markets, interest or currency rates may be educational, but clients are looking to you to translate the big picture into “What does it mean for me as an investor?” and, based on that “What should I do?” Even if your insight is “It won’t affect you” and/or “Stay the course,” that’s ok. That still represents a response and a recommended course of action.