Tis the Winter of Your (Website) Disconnect

unhappy face
For those of us on the East Coast and elsewhere, it’s been a long, cold, snowy winter. Hopefully, though we have turned the corner…the snow is almost gone, we can see grass for the first time in months, crocuses are appearing, birds are singing. Everything seems to be refreshed and new.

EXCEPT, perhaps, on your website, where it’s still winter (or fall or even last summer, whenever you last updated your website – you did update it at some point, right?).

While we talk a lot about the need to keep your content fresh and updated regularly to improve visibility and search engine optimization, it’s equally important to update your imagery. Imagery is a powerful tool. It grabs one’s attention, expresses your brand, humanizes your website presence and helps give your audience someone or something tangible to associate with your offering. Also, revitalizing imagery can refresh your website without a large scale initiative or significant cost.

When imagery is not changed regularly, it can contribute to a negative user experience. For the frequent visitor, the website can become stale (“If I see that picture one more time…”). For the new visitor, the imagery may not align with the current style or fashion if you are showing people, furnishings, electronic devices, etc.

So get creative, change those images and stay up to date on your website.