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What Should You Say to Wealth Clients?

We are in uncharted territory, facing a health crisis unprecedented in our lifetimes. People are stocking their pantries with non-perishables, searching online for Purell and coping with social distancing. Many businesses, municipalities, schools and communities across the globe have shuttered. What would have seemed like science fiction a few weeks ago has become what is hopefully our short-term reality.

For most organizations, it is no longer ‘business as usual.’ Many have implemented new service protocols designed to provide added support to clients while keeping everyone safe. And, where possible, companies are leveraging technology so employees can work from home. 
In times like these, it’s especially important for financial advisors to reach out to clients with empathetic messaging that builds trust and keeps clients informed.  

Communicate early and often. Frequent and proactive communications through all channels (emails, social media, updates to your website and phone calls) will reassure clients that you’re on top of the situation.

Where possible, segment your message. Your clients’ concerns will depend upon their situations. For example, older clients may be particularly worried about enjoying a secure retirement while business owners may need strategies to keep their companies afloat.

Be transparent. Let clients know how you’ve adapted your business operations and how they can reach you. Share your position on the financial markets and re-iterate your strategic approach to investing, being honest about the uncertain road ahead.

Be available. During times like these, sometimes clients need a sympathetic ear and recognition that we are all in this together.

Get creative. Schedule virtual get-togethers so clients can hear what your company is thinking and have an opportunity to ask questions. You can maintain a sense of community through webinars, social media posts and emails that reinforce your leadership and support.