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What’s in a Name?

The world was abuzz recently over another royal birth, but there seemed to be even more breathless anticipation of the prince’s name than the birth itself and the significance of each potential naming option. That got us thinking about the importance of names and what to keep in mind when you’re naming a new product, service, process, or any intellectual property.

Make it descriptive. A name should quickly communicate what the business proposition is. Make it easy on your audience to understand what you do. Take, Ticketmaster, for example. Quick and clear.

Make it benefit-oriented. What’s in it for the customer or user? Does Rocket Mortgage leave any doubt? Goodbye red tape, hello approval.

Make it memorable. Ideally, a name makes an immediate impression and is easy to recall. When turbo is combined with tax, the seemingly disparate terms combine for an alliterative name with high impact.

Make it your own. A name needs to fit your culture and emanate naturally from it. If your corporate personality is formal and conservative, your name should align with that.