Which Blue are You?


Throughout the years Optima Group has developed identities and brands for many financial services companies, including private banks, institutional asset managers, wealth managers, insurance and mutual fund companies. Twenty years ago, and amazingly, as recently as Monday, we have heard clients new and old say, “We can’t use red, everyone knows you can’t use red in financial services.”

Well, we are happy to announce that the tide has turned, and yes, you can use red, orange, yellow and any other color for that matter. The perception of blue as the only acceptable financial services color has become a fallacy. And just in time, as the world is starting to run out of blues (not to mention greys).

We believe in creating an identity, combined with a brand color palette, that speaks to who our client is, what will help them stand out in the marketplace and will allow for the greatest consistency in their marketing materials, while also allowing for the greatest creativity.

Don’t believe us yet? Here are some financial services firms who have dared to go beyond blue. You may recognize some of them.


The above identities were not designed by Optima Group.

Still not convinced? Then check out what the largest blue company of all time is doing; big blue itself—IBM, is no longer just blue.


Tracy Hubbard