You’re Four Times Better than They May Think

With competition heating up, wealth advisors, more than ever, are challenged to justify their fees. When times are good, clients may attribute it to market momentum, not the advice they’re getting. When markets turn, an advisor’s fee is more visible and may be questioned, particularly if there is a loss.

Recognizing this as a persistent issue, Russell Investments (Russell) went about quantifying the value of advice clients get from their wealth advisors. The results are heartening: Russell calculated in 2017 that the value of an advisor is 4.08% – more than four times what might be considered an attractive advisory fee.* Here’s the breakdown:

These numbers confirm what most advisors already know: their value exceeds the price their clients pay for it and goes far beyond managing investments. The key is communicating this value to clients. That’s where Optima Group can help. We specialize in defining an organization’s value and promoting it. Let’s talk about what we can do for you. Call us at 203-255-1066.

*  Source: Why Advisors Have Never Been So Valuable: 2017 Value of an Advisor Study, © Russell Investments Group, LLC 2017